Problem for Retailers

June 9, 2023

• India’s economy is even strong while the global crisis because of India's Brick n Mortar Stores. But No one is serious about them.

• It's hard for a retailer to know about all brands.

• It's hard for them to know about new launch products.

• Even they know products but don’t know where can buy for resale.

• Distributors have a monopoly and don’t give goods to every retailer.

• Distributor charge premium for good selling products without company permission.

• Retailers need to pay lots of shipping fees.

• Eligible retailers don’t get credit so not able to scale their business.

• Distributor pushes retailer to buy other products also with existing order which retailer doesn’t want to buy which cause dead inventory as retailers store.

• In Most cases Retailers can’t buy products as few brands only sell in some states only.