Solution for Brands

June 9, 2023

•Brandshops is a Total solution for Brands.

•Brandshops Sale goods to retailers only. Strictly no dumping. 100% real sales.

•Brandshops help brands to reach their whole products to every retailer and not depend on wholesalers and make brands worry-free about wholesale and want to sell to every retailer or only a few friends.

•Brandshops connect with direct brands and ask them to arrange supply points and avoid any fake products sold to retailers.

•Brandshops help brands as a TSP (Technology service provider) where they pick goods from the brand’s authorized partners as per their territory and distribute in a particular area only and never harm any brand's channel.

•Brandshops provide economical Logistics till Door to Door.

•Brandshops provide Financial support also to eligible retailers to improve sales.

•Brands have full knowledge of their sales area to improve sales and after-sales.