Solution for Retailers

June 9, 2023

•Retailer ki Apni Dukan.

•Brandshops buy direct from the brand so 100% genuine products at Brands Prices.

•Brandshops showcase all products of those brands who join hands, so retailers have complete info about all brands.

•Every newly launched product can see in the new launch section.

•No need to contact a dealer, brand, or distributor. Order on Brandshops and brands channel partner will direct supply products.

•No doubt or fear that the distributor won’t supply goods.

•No premium on products. No Monopoly.

•Economic Shipping fee.

•Credit to eligible retailers.

• Retailers only buy what they need. No push selling.

•No more area-specific products if the brand wants to supply. Brandshops help to supply products in every part of India.